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Insect screening to protect your family from disease carrying insects

“Rediscover the pleasures of fresh air without troublesome pests and without damaging the environment with aerosol sprays”

You don`t have to be in darkest Africa to be at risk of disease form insects. The average housefly is the most dangerous creature to mankind, amongst other things, transmitting germs from refuse dump to your home with remarkable efficiency. More than any other carrier it is responsible for the spread and infection of many common illnesses.

The only safe long term solution is to stop them entering in the first place with a “FLYDOR INSECT SCREEN”.

The mesh of the flydor insect screens forms an impenetrable barrier to flying insect, whilst allowing the free passage of fresh air.

We supply and install a number of different types of flydor insect screens:

  • Roller insect screens for windows
  • Roller insect screens for doors
  • Budget screens for windows
  • Elegant doors
  • Premo doors
  • Nova doors
  • Alarmed insect screens
  • Easy sliding window/door systems




Additional Information

Maximum Width:

Depends on product

Maximum height:

Depends on product


Manual, Chain, Electric

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