Burglar bars
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Burglar bars and doors

Product Description

Our Physical Security Products Are Suitable for a Variety of Applications

Fixed bars for offices, shops, home and factories. Many people are put off by the thought of fixed bars due to a fear of them reducing the aesthetics of the building. It is because of this that we work hard to create a design that not only protects a building to the highest of standards but is also as discreet as possible and in keeping with the style of the building.

Fixed bars are a fantastic choice for those seeking a permanent security product as they remain in place either in front or behind of your windows. This means that break in attempts are thwarted as intruders will find it extremely difficult to gain access to the property when fixed bars are in place.

  • Standard bar size is 16mm round other larger sizes is available
  • Painted to Any RAL colour
  • Fixing to inside or outide window area
  • Can be made as a door system to match windows with burglar bars on


Additional Information

Maximum Width:

To suit window opening

Maximum height:

To suit window opening


Standard colours: White, additional colours available on request


Steel bars

About Drathmore

Drathmore are based in Navestock, Essex and are completely dedicated to commercial and domestic shutters, blinds, awnings, garage roller door shutters and window blinds and burglar bars. With over 20 years’ experience, they have supplied and fitted products for clients throughout Essex and Romford.

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