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Recover awning or blind

Product Description


If your awning or blind is in good working order but in need of a face lift , we provide a recovering service to bring your awning up to date from our large range of awning fabrics. We will clean and service your awning as part of the recover order.

  • Domestic or Commercial recovers.
  • Repairs untaken
  • Old traditional awnings/blinds recovered
  • Sign writing available


[spoiler title=”*Important product disclaimer”]*Disclaimer: Dutch blinds/awnings are for solar protection.[/spoiler]

Additional Information


Available in a wide range of fabrics and colours.

About Drathmore

Drathmore are based in Navestock, Essex and are completely dedicated to commercial and domestic shutters, blinds, awnings, garage roller door shutters and window blinds and burglar bars. With over 20 years’ experience, they have supplied and fitted products for clients throughout Essex and Romford.

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