GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) – Grille Shutter

Half security grille half shutter

1/2 Security Grille 1/2 Security Shutter


Zone 1 Grille Shutter – Explosion proof motor.

GlaxoSmithKline is a well-known worldwide pharmaceutical company.
Drathmore had the task of installing a shutter grille with the added feature of being suitable for use in a hazardous area (requiring specialised equipment). From the motor to

The Shutter Motor

the simple 3 button push switch, all components had to be suitable for ‘Zone 1 area’ (flammable atmosphere possible but unlikely to be present for long periods, see below), due to the type of chemicals that would be stored in the bay.

Hazardous areas are defined by three main criteria:

Sideview of security shutter

Sideview of the Security Shutter

  •  The type of hazard
  •  The likelihood of the hazard being present in flammable concentrations.
  •  The (auto) ignition temperature of the hazardous material.

Job completed November 2008.

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