Blinds and Awnings FAQ

Q:How much are Awnings ?

A:This is a difficult question as the size and specification can make a difference, please contact us.

 Q:What is the strongest wind an awning can take?

A: Generally awnings are rated to Class 2 on the European CE level which is a quite low 24 KPH. If electric operation you should always have a wind control device installed and never leave it out in heavy rain, snow, icy conditions. It also depends on the size of the awning, Width and projection.

 Q:What do I do with my foldaway awning in the winter time?

A:You can slide off the removable valance This is not to say you can not use it in the winter especially when the sun is low. Do not operate your awning if it is frozen shut nor allow snow to accumulate on it or in windy, heavy rain conditions.

Q: What advice can you give on motorising my sun awning

A: Whilst awnings are easy to operate with the standard winding handle, it is so easy to just press a switch, and watch the awning open. Sensors can be added on to help protect your sun awning, wind sensor (to close). rain sensor (to close), sun sensor (to open) timers and more.

Q: Are Dutch blinds just for windows?

A: No you can use them on doors, patio doors etc but this depends on height and headway but you do get better coverage with Sun foldaway awnings. But why not have a Dutch blind on the window and foldaway awning over the patio doors.

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